How to find the best WordPress plugins

The best start for any website creation is to understand the website’s functions. Why are you creating a website? What do you hope to gain from this website? Yes, we know that it may be for a business purpose, however, other things need to be looked at in order to look at the future of the website. The future of the website and the steps it will take in order to get there are key questions to ask. Once those questions are asked, then there can be a deeper look at what it will take in order to get to those goals and what it will take to secure those goals. 

With over 54,991 WordPress plugins, having to choose can become overwhelming. Your hunt will be narrowed down to what matters to your website and your goals. There are many lists that can suggest which WordPress plugins to add to a website, but it is key to keep your website’s goals in front of you. 

Some of the key points of choosing the best WordPress plugin for your website is to have some basic points. The basics can be performance, social media, ranking, and functionality. Look at your website from the viewpoint of the person who visits your website. What would make your Internet surfing better if you were a potential customer or client and came upon your website? Thinking with the end in mind may aid in narrowing down why you want certain plugins for your website. The Duplicator Pro Plugin gives users cloud backup support & easy website migration/cloning abilities.

Below we share some of the best WordPress plugins and where you can begin to incorporate them on to your website. 

WordPress SEO Plugins
Search engine optimization is key in order to rank well in the search engines. Search engines such as Google are usually where many companies want their website to rank well. You can use a plugin to optimize your page‘s SEO. 

Yoast SEO
Yoast is a highly recommended SEO plugin on WordPress. Beginners and advanced users use this plugin on their sites. It includes: 

  • An easy way to set up the SEO settings
  • A way to optimize the individual pages on the website
  • XML sitemap tool
  • Being able to control how your social media looks while on the site


If you have chosen a host, then that company will have tended to your website’s security needs. Still, you can add more security with plugins. 

Sucuri Security is a freemium plugin. There is a free version and it offers: 

  • remote malware scanning
  • monitoring of blacklist
  • security notifications